Sea transportation

Sea transportation

We provide a door to door service, delivering you the goods via sea to the intended address, provided. The sea transportation takes a long time to deliver than air transportation.(Shipping time about 2-3 months)

  • Personal courier service

    Packing and picking up of small personal items such as parcels and gifts and safely delivering it door-to-door to your desired address.

  • Corporate general delivery service

    Provides services of packing and picking goods for company cargo such as samples with safe door-to-door delivery to your desired address at low price shipping cost. Maritime container transportation is carried out by LCL and FCL, from UK port to Incheon port or Busan Port, both locations available.

  • General courier service for items purchased at overseas shopping websites

    Goods are purchased directly from Ebay, Amazon and other online shopping websites and is directly delivered to the desired address through secure door to door delivery by our company.

  • The weight per item/box should not exceed more than 20kg. The dimensions of the box should not exceed 150cm in height/width/length. In cases where the box does exceed these limits, furniture or other items that cannot be packed into a box must be consulted separately.
  • After full process, delivery time to destination is estimated between 2-3 months, for the air transportation service. Depending on occasional custom inspection regulation, some deliveries may be delayed.


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