Shipping agent

Shipping agent

We will provide you with the shipping service to your desired address for all items purchased from overseas websites including UK, Ebay, Amazon etc. Shipping in the UK / UK caravan / MotorHome FTA certified compan.

  • step 1

    The commodity price of the goods can be paid directly by yourself, or you can contact us at Interlink and let us proceed instead. However, the customer will be responsible for any additional costs incurred in return.

  • step 2

    If the goods that you have purchased is sent to the interlink address in the UK, we are able to inspect the packing quality and conditions, and then send the goods to the address you have designated.

  • step 3

    In cases of multiple items purchased from different websites, we provide storage at our warehouse, free of charge, for one month until all the goods have arrived. These goods can then, be sent to your address in one delivery. For goods stored over one month, charges may be incurred.


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